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  • Article | How to Select Path and Area Lights for your Landscape Lighting Project

    This article helps you select the ideal path or area landscape light from VOLT's wide selection of sizes and styles in brass, copper and aluminum - for all path and area lighting needs.

  • Article | LED Energy Savings Calculators

    These LED energy savings calculators help you to make smart decisions. The first calculator simply estimates the cost of any lighting system (regardless of lamp type). The second calculator allows you to compare the costs of an older system with a newer LED system. The third calculator gives you an estimate on the payback time when you invest in an LED system.

  • Article | Landscape Lighting Bulbs | Getting to Know Them

    In this article, we cover the types of landscape lighting bulbs, also known as lamps. Topics include: LED vs. Halogen, Brightness, Wattage to Lumen Equivalents, Beam Angle, Color Temperature, and LED Lamp Life (L70). VOLT® manufactures a variety of lamp types designed to fit specific VOLT® fixtures.

  • Article | Choose Quality Landscape Lighting Fixtures

    Brass, Copper, or Aluminum? When dealing with low voltage lighting, fixture quality is very important. Remember that when you are installing outdoor lighting, the fixtures are exposed to the elements, and are close to the ground where moisture can threaten their lifespan. Lighting fixtures are prone to corrosion which will hurt the electrical connections in the long run.

  • Article | Why Choose LED?

    As the quality of LED bulbs has improved and the cost has dropped, LED lighting makes more sense than ever. Here are ten reasons to switch to LED bulbs.

  • Article | Common Landscape Lighting Fixtures

    There are many different low voltage landscape lighting fixtures available to create a dramatic effect and highlight your house's architecture and features.

  • Article | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting vs Line Voltage

    In this article, we cover the two main types of landscape lighting: 12v and 120v. Low voltage (12V) landscape lighting is the most common option for residential outdoor lighting. 12V landscape lighting is easier to install, less expensive, safer, and you do not need to be a licensed electrician. Line voltage outdoor lighting is most often used in commercial, security, and public-use applications. Line voltage outdoor lighting is labor-intensive and requires an electrician for installation. 

  • Article | Watts or Lumens? How to Choose the Right LED Bulb Replacement

    The old days of selecting light bulbs by watts are over. We are now faced with lumens instead of watts. Let's learn how to select the right LED bulbs by using lumens. It's not so hard.

  • Article | Why LED Lighting?

    LED lighting is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. It replaces all other types of lights (such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and others) as the number one preferred light source. Let's look at why this happened.

  • Article | UL Listings – What They Are And Why They Matter

    You may have seen a UL mark on an appliance or a table lamp or anything else that runs on electricity. You will certainly see it on VOLT® products. But this mark is notably absent from many landscape lights on the market. Why? The answer to that question requires some explaining. Let’s walk through some basic questions and answers so we are all on the same page with UL Listings.

  • Article | LED Lighting & Color Temperature

    Color Temperature is a measurement that indicates the extent of yellowish or bluish tint to a white light. High color temperatures are bluish while low color temperatures are yellowish. Of interest is that human vision compensates for these tints, and perceives both high and low color temperature lights as being white. 

  • Article | LED, Heat Sinks, & Thermal Management

    LEDs are known as solid state technology. This means no glass bulbs, gases, mercury, or filament. LED light is simply, light that is produced very efficiently. As a current is passed through the diode, a small amount of heat is released backwards. Most well-designed LED lighting systems require the use of a heat sink to reduce thermal stress.

  • Article | Your Neighbors and Outdoor Lighting

    Preventing light trespass or glare typically depends on the location of the fixture, the angle the light is projected and the fixtures ability to shield from glare. Choosing the right fixture, installing it properly and having the right lighting design are all critical for preventing glare and light trespass.

  • Article | Outdoor Lighting Transformer Instructions

    In this article, we provide a "Quick Start" set of instructions to connect your transformer to your outdoor landscape lighting system. Topics include: requirements, connecting lighting runs to the transformer, and transformer troubleshooting.

  • Article | 5 Common Mistakes Installing Low Voltage Landscape Lights

    Five common mistakes made while installing outdoor lighting. They can be easily avoided, and should not be taken lightly - any one of these mistakes can cause future problems.

  • Article | Low Voltage Layout Guide

    Laying out an installation plan for a low voltage landscape lighting system is fairly straightforward but does require knowing a few things. This article covers the main steps and gives guidance and tips to ensure a successful installation.

  • Article | Landscape Lighting Hub Connections

    It's obvious that every low voltage landscape light we install needs to be connected to a power source. But not so obvious, is the fact that there are several ways to make that connection.

  • Article | Landscape Lighting Connectors

    In this article, we cover the one of the most important landscape lighting accessories you will need to complete your project: Wire Connectors. 

  • Article | Dichroic Color Filters for Landscape Lighting - Guide to Selection, Care, and Use

    Dichroic filters are circles of glass with a set of coatings that reflect certain colors (of light) and allow other colors to pass through. They will not fade with time.

  • Article | Choosing the Right Landscape Lighting Fixture (LED or Halogen)

    In the past making this choice took little effort. For a professional look, tungsten-halogen landscape lighting had no equal. LED, still lacking maturity, was of poor quality and provided inconsistent lighting effects at best. At worst the LED landscape lighting fixtures would break or fail shortly after purchase.

  • Article | Your Landscape Lighting Layout

    In this article we describe how to plan your landscape lighting project. From creating a drawing of the property through purchasing your supplies; we walk you through the planning process.

  • Article | Landscape Lighting Techniques

    Correct lighting techniques will highlight your important features and create the perfect amount of drama in a yard. Find out what techniques work best for your home's architectural features, garden accents, outdoor living spaces, or backyard oasis.

  • Article | Landscape Lighting Design Tips - Common Mistakes

    Landscape lighting design can be approached simply - but to the trained eye, there are some pitfalls to avoid. This article points out some of the common mistakes - and how to correct them.

  • Article | Choosing Your Landscape Lighting Design Style

    It's important that the outdoor lighting design that you choose for your outdoor area has the right feel. Every yard is going to be different. There are no template designs that can simply be picked up and applied to your specific setting. If your home and property has a central theme (such as classic, understated, grand, etc.), you will want to bring that out. But there's more to the design than the central theme; there is a panoply of themes, and any number of personal or professional styles to address those themes.

  • Article | Landscape Lighting Design Overview

    This approach enables you to create lighting effects that accomplish the goals of the lighting design. What are these goals? Read on...

  • Article | Lighting the Flag in a Patriotic Landscape

    Are you among the many who enjoy displaying the American flag and celebrating patriotic holidays? Or are you a professional designer with patriotic clients? If so, don't neglect to light up the flag – always a bold and powerful statement in a nighttime landscape.

  • Article | Five Projects to Give Your Landscape Lights Some Autumn Love

    There are many great things about landscape lighting. At the top of that list is how the lights capture changes in the landscape as the seasons unfold. But let's not be idle spectators in this process. Let's see if we can do things to make our lighting even more spectacular. Here's five projects for your Autumn fun. (Note: If you don't have landscape lights, it's never too late . . .)

  • Article | The Family Holiday Space – A Backyard Landscape & Lighting Project

    You may love all the glitzy decorations that arise around every holiday, but to truly capture the holiday spirit and share it with your family, consider making a very personal and sacred family holiday space.

  • Article | Decorative Bollards – Taking Landscape Lighting to the Next Level

    VOLT bollards are illuminated towers that project compelling patterns of light and shadow. They add a beautiful flair to an illuminated landscape.

  • Article | 6 Tips for a Better Landscape Lighting Plan

    The first step in a landscape lighting project is planning your outdoor lighting layout. This article offers 6 tips for a solid plan.

  • Article | How to Get Professional Results Installing Landscape Lighting

    While basic landscape lighting installation is fairly straightforward, many common shortcuts can reduce system longevity and cause ongoing maintenance issues.

    For professionals, landscape lighting installation shortcuts not only impact the customer and your reputation but also reflect negatively on the landscape lighting industry as a whole. To address this, VOLT provides a number of resources found in our Learning Center that support the professional in the use of best practices.

  • Article | Installing the undercover hardscape light (step by step)

    The VOLT® Undercover Hardscape light is a rugged, solid brass landscape lighting fixture that provides a durable and high-performance solution to illuminating an area where a typical path or area landscape light would not be possible. Here's how to install this specialty fixture.

  • Article | Basic Landscape Lighting Installation Instructions

    In this article, we describe the basic steps to install landscape lighting. From fixture assembly through fine tuning, follow these steps to complete your landscape lighting project.

  • Article | Live the Tiki Lifestyle with our New Craft Cocktail

    With less and less leisure time, many of us create a backyard oasis so we can kick off our shoes and relax with a cold drink. This is the tiki lifestyle. Check out our cocktail recipe and our 2-in-1 Tiki-Brass Torch Lights.

  • Article | How to Light from Above - Downlighting Inspired by Nature

    If we were given a choice, we would all light our nighttime landscape with moonlight. But since we can't control the moon, and it's not always shedding its light on us, we find another way. Downlighting is that way.

  • Article | How to Select Spotlights for your Landscape Lighting Project

    Spotlights originated in the theater world. They were lights used to showcase the main actors. To be put in the spotlight is to highlight someone so the world can see. In a similar way, landscape lighting spotlights are used for emphasis – to call attention to specific architectural or landscape features. Unlike floodlights that shed light across a wide area, spotlights have narrower beams so they can focus on one thing at a time.


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