How to Choose Quality Landscape Lighting Fixtures

When dealing with low voltage lighting, fixture quality is very important. Remember that when you are installing landscape lighting, the fixtures are exposed to the elements, and are close to the ground where moisture can threaten their lifespan. Lighting fixtures are prone to corrosion which will hurt the electrical connections in the long run.

Brass, Copper or Aluminum?

High-quality fixtures may be constructed out of brass, copper or aluminum. Brass and copper have the advantage of better weathering corrosive environmental elements. In fact, aluminum fixtures are not recommended for use within 25 miles of saltwater coast line. Even inland, brass and copper will generally outlast aluminum fixtures.

Most low-cost aluminum fixtures use recycled aluminum and as a result they have impurities. These fixtures will very quickly start to pit and corrode in as little as one year. Better made aluminum fixtures are constructed with virgin, high-quality billet aluminum, and are treated with a durable, protective finish.

Aluminum does dissipate heat more efficiently, but brass and copper fixtures are engineered with heat sinks that are thermally tested to ensure they can operate properly with their paired light source. If you purchase a VOLT® fixture - whether brass, copper or aluminum - you are buying a high-quality product designed and warrantied to last and perform.

High quality brass and aluminum landscape lights

Don't be tempted by very inexpensive fixtures that you find in big box stores. Instead invest a little more in high quality, professional architectural grade lighting. You will be rewarded every day with superior landscape lighting.

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