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VOLT® Dichroic Color Temperature Adjustment Lens (2-Inch)

  • Professional dichroic glass lens
  • Easily change the color of your light
  • Fits most 2” diameter VOLT® fixtures
  • Priced per single filter; select color below
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Dichroic Color Temperature Adjustment Lenses (2")

This series of Dichroic Color Correction lenses convert the initial 2700K light to 2000K, 3000K, 3300K, or 3700K. U.S. made from high quality glass, will not fade or change color, and absorb less light than colored lenses.


2700K-2000K. 3/4 Color Temperature Orange (CTO) - converts warm white to a slight yellowish orange, meant to simulate sodium lights (often used for street lighting) or to provide a simulated candle light for romantic or subdued settings.

2700K-3000K. 1/2 Color Temperature Blue (CTB) - converts warm white to a slightly cooler white, preferred by some designers for overall lighting - tends to enhance green and blue colors, but is perceived as less welcoming by some.

2700K-3300K. 3/4 Color Temperature Blue (CTB) - converts warm white to a cooler white, enhances green and blue colors but is considered overly cool for general lighting. Sometimes used for moonlighting and making bluish-green plants pop.

2700K-3700K. Full Color Temperature Blue (CTB) - converts warm white to a cool white, primarily used for moonlighting and making bluish-green plants pop.

Fits the following VOLT 2" integrated LED fixtures

Infiniti™ 30 G3/G4 LED Spotlight

Care & Use

These dichroic filters are durable but care should be taken in their handling. Especially important: When inserted into VOLT fixtures that have interchangeable optics, the center button of the optic needs to be removed before inserting the filter.

Learn more: Dichroic Filters - Care and Use

Note: Dichroic filters work by reflecting non-wanted colors back into the fixture while allowing desired colors to pass through. This results in a brightness reduction that could be significant. Be sure to test dichroic filters on critical applications before specifying for an entire project.

More Information
  • Made in USA
  • Durable borafloat glass with highest quality coatings
  • 2"
  • 1.75 mm (0.069")
Comparative Reference
  • 3/4 CTO
  • 1/2 CTB
  • 3/4 CTB
  • Full CTB