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How to Hang VOLT® VL-1 Full-Cycle LED Grow Lights

February 23, 2021 May 16th, 2022 No Comments

Ideal for use on racks or in tents, the VOLT® Grow VL-1 Full-Cycle LED Grow Light is a high-output LED grow light for plants in the flowering or vegetative stages of growth. This compact fixture is easy to hang, using the provided hangers and strings.


Attach wire mounting harness to fixture

Step 1: Attach wire mounting harness to fixture. Attach the clips of the wire harness to the mounting holes above the light panels of the fixture.

Attach rope and pulley to the support structure.

Step 2: Attach rope and pulley to the support structure. Attach the hooks on the end of pulley ropes to the support structure. Adjust the height and level the fixture using the ratcheted pullies. Hang within 12 inches of the canopy for maximum light intensity. Do not place closer than 6 inches from the canopy.

Connect power cord

Step 3: Connect power cord. The locking ring will click when connected properly. Insert the plug on the other end of the power cord into a wall outlet.

Control with dimmer switch

Step 4: Control with dimmer switch. Rotate the switch on the side of the LED fixture to adjust the light output. For the highest light output, select 440W. For the lowest output, select 176W. Set to EXT to use 0-10V remote dimming controls.

Adjust light direction

Step 5: Adjust light direction. Loosen the knob at the end of the fixture’s light panels; this will allow you to rotate the panels. After rotating the panels as desired, be sure to tighten the knob to lock them in place.


No light output

  • Power cord isn’t connected properly or connections are loose.
    • Check the power cord connections.
  • If you use the LED fixture as a stand-alone, the dimmer switch is on OFF mode.
    • Adjust dimmer switch to 176W to 440W mode.

Controller device doesn’t work

  • Dimmer switch on the LED fixture isn’t on EXTERNAL CONTROL or “EXT” mode.
    • Adjust dimmer switch to EXTERNAL CONTROL or “EXT” position.
  • Controller cable is not connected properly or connections are loose.
    • Check the controller cable connections.

Light burn or light stress (i.e., green plant leaves are becoming unnaturally yellow)

  • LED lights are too close to the plants.
    • Move LED lights further away from plants right away.
  • Too much light.
    • Adjust dimmer switch to output less light.

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