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VOLT® 13" Hammer® Stake (with Brass Insert)

A landscape lighting innovation - designed & engineered exclusively by VOLT®.

  • Extra robust 13" tall x 3" wide ground stake
  • Constructed of heavy-duty PVC
  • Brass insert provides extra secure, wear-resistant threading.
  • Universal 1/2" NPSM threads fit onto any standard fixture.
  • Lifetime Warranty
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VOLT® 13" Hammer® Stake (with Brass Insert)

Stakes are normally small (so that installers are able to push them into the ground), but as a result fixtures tilt and tip due to improper anchoring (especially in frost prone climates). With The Hammer® Stake we were able to make the stakes the proper size-- LARGE -- because even if we made them extra large, we know you can get them into the ground! It's not just faster and easier, but bigger and more secure!

Features & Benefits:

  • Easier, fastest, most convenient method for installing fixtures and stakes!
  • Brass insert to provide wear-resistant threads that mate perfectly with brass fixture threads.
  • Robust size ideal for tall path and area lights used in sandy soils. Hammer the stake into the ground BEFORE affixing the fixture. Then use slit in stake to insert wire and then affix fixture
  • Note: It's so big that you should only use it in sandy soils. It will be too difficult to pound into harder soils.
  • The 10" Hammer® Stake is included free with all Volt fixtures. The 13" stake is an additional option for sandy soils.
  • Universal 1/2" NPSM threads fit onto any standard fixture.
  • Screws on to any landscape light, outdoor light, low voltage fixture.
  • Add the VOLT® Hammer Stake Cover for the ultimate premium look.
  • Lifetime Warranty
More Information
  • PVC with Brass Threads
  • Lifetime