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VOLT® Integrated Hub Base with Brass Surface Mount (Bronze) - CLEARANCE

Innovative, Integrated Hub System base with surface mount - designed and engineered exclusively by VOLT®.

  • Clamp-type connectors - simple, fast, and secure
  • Connections are above ground to allow for easy wire maintenance after installation
  • Can be used as a voltage testing point for easy troubleshooting
  • Turns any fixture into a wire connection hub
  • Patent pending
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$15.97 $9.97

VOLT® Integrated Hub Base with Surface Mount Brass Bronze

Innovative, Integrated Hub System base with surface mount - designed and engineered exclusively by VOLT®.

This revolutionary, patent pending system allows you to turn ANY fixture into a wire connection hub. Connect one other fixture and a home run wire directly into the base of your fixture. Features our clamp-type connectors that are simple to use and allow you to easily maintain your system throughout a lifetime. The surface mount allows you to install your Integrated Hub System fixture on any hard surfaces (concrete, wood, etc.).

Installation Tip

To ensure a proper connection, lift the orange lever to the fully open position. This is achieved once the lever is perpendicular to the direction the wire is inserted. Once the wire is fully inserted into the hole below the open lever, push the orange lever back down until it clicks into the closed position. Make sure your connection is complete by giving a light pull on the connected wire.

Features & Benefits:

  • Connections are made above ground. This allows for easy wire maintenance or addition of fixtures after installation has occurred. No more looking for connections and re-burying wire when troubleshooting your landscape lighting system.
  • Extremely strong mechanical connection - wires cannot pull out of clamps (like they can with silicone filled wire nuts).
  • Accommodates one additional fixture and a home/main wire run from your transformer.
  • Simple operation - insert stripped wires, flip down clamps, then close connector.
  • Mechanical connection is gas-tight.
  • Fits up to 12 gauge wire. Click here for lead wire suggestions and limitations for the Integrated Hub System.
  • Professional quality.
  • A beautiful addition to the base of your landscape lighting fixtures.

*NO WARRANTY: This product is not backed by our standard VOLT® warranty as it is a limited time only, discontinued clearance item.