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Landscape Lighting Hub Connections

Making installation better, simpler, faster, and less expensive

How do we bring the power to a landscape lighting fixture? We could run a separate wire for each light directly from the transformer - but that would be too many wires. We could run a wire to the first fixture, then from that fixture to the next fixture. That's called a daisy chain. It saves wire and is OK for short chains of fixtures, but you can run into trouble with voltage loss. Better still is the "Hub Method".

The "Hub Method" describes the technique of connecting all lights in a region to each other. The fixture wires converge in a place called the hub. These wires are then connected together along with a wire from the power supply to send power to all the fixtures in the hub. There are a few types of hub connectors designed for this purpose. We'll describe them, but first let's list the benefits of hub connections.


How to Install VOLT® Pro Micro-Junction Direct Burial Connector

Introducing a new fast & secure hub-style direct burial connector for use with multiple fixtures. This revolutionary low voltage direct burial wire junction is designed to connect up to 4 fixtures and a home-run wire back to the transformer. Locking clamps secure leads for a strong connection - can not be pulled apart. Pre-filled with silicone grease to ensure a waterproof connection that will stand the test of time. Patent pending.