VOLT® LumaTree 1000

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Add a tree of light to your landscape.

  • 1000 Warm White LED Blossoms per Tree
  • Powered by Safe Low Voltage Current
  • Designed for Outdoor Use - Heavy Duty Mounting
  • 6ft Tall by 6ft Wide
  • Adjustable Branches
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VOLT® LumaTree 1000

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LumaTree 1000 | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Add a tree of light to your landscape.

The LumaTree 1000 is a beautiful lifelike tree with numerous branches illuminated by about 1,000 tiny white LED blossoms. Constructed of durable materials and designed for outdoor use, the tree features a heavy-duty base and stake to ensure a stable and solid mounting to the ground.

This tree does not have a plug for an electrical outlet. It requires a low voltage power source - either hardwired into an existing landscape lighting system or connected to a separate low voltage transformer (not included).

  • Stands about 6ft tall by 6ft wide
  • Branches are flexible and can be bent to achieve different appearances
  • Approximately 1000 LEDs per tree
  • Heavy-duty wide base for excellent stability
  • Powered by low voltage current for safety and ease of integration into existing landscape lighting system
  • High-performance LED's with warm white color
  • Color matches most landscape lighting
  • 10ft lead wire
  • 1-year warranty

These LED trees have a wide operating range. Lumen output increases with higher voltage. The power consumption (Watts) also increases with the voltage supplied. Please refer to chart below for power consumption information:

Voltage Watts
11 6.5
11.5 9
12 11.5
12.5 14.5
13 18
13.5 21.5
14 25.5
14.5 30
15 35
15.5 41
15.8 44
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