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Landscape Lighting for the Holidays

June 18, 2020 November 6th, 2020 No Comments

A simple way to convert your home for the holidays is to use color-coordinated landscape lighting. Colored Dichroic Lens Filters or lens covers are available in all colors for the holidays, orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas or blue for Hanukkah.

Lens filters are a subtle accent and they are also simple to install, remove, and store.

What are Dichroic Color Filters?

Dichroic filters are circles of glass with a set of coatings that reflect certain colors (of light) and allow other colors to pass through.

For example, a white light contains all colors in the visible light spectrum. If you pass that light through a blue dichroic filter, only the blue portion of the white light passes through while all the other colors are reflected back towards the light source.

The other way to change colors is to use tinted glass filters – these are less costly than dichroic filters but they absorb more light (are less efficient) and tend to fade with time.

Use of dichroic color filters is the most efficient and precise way to change the color of a light source.

How Are They Used?

Filters with saturated colors are primarily used for holiday lighting, events, or special effects in a landscape.

Installation is usually simple – most lenses are installed by simply inserting them inside of the lens directly on top of the light source. Lens filters should be installed with the dichroic-coated side facing the light source. Filters should only be used in the fixtures indicated by the manufacturer or in the product page of the specific filters; this is best for maintaining beautiful, balanced light output.

Before committing to changing a number of fixtures, always test filters if you are unsure about the effects!

Die hard football fan? Who’s your favorite team? The New England Patriots? Add red and blue filters. If you prefer college football you can match up the colors for your favorite team whether it’s Alabama Crimson Tide, Texas Longhorns or the Florida Gators. There is no better way to prepare for your favorite time of year than having the appropriate colors displayed outside of your home.

For more detailed information on how to use Dichroic Color Filters, be sure to read How to Use Dichroic Color Filters for Landscape Lighting.

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