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VOLT vs. Big-Box Stores – The Benefits of Factory-Direct

June 4, 2020 September 17th, 2020 No Comments

When it comes to buying goods, today’s consumers are faced with two choices: shop online or shop at traditional brick-and-mortar locations. You yourself may be in the market for a new appliance or other home upgrades and be considering the question of whether to use the internet or head to the nearest big-box chain store. Knowing that you will be spending hundreds to perhaps thousands of dollars on these products and that you probably intend to keep them for years, choosing the right retailer to buy from is critical for a number of reasons. Let’s review how the factory-direct products and services from VOLT® Lighting stack up against the competition.

Customer Support


Although traditional big-box stores have multiple locations where you can physically hold and view products before purchasing, they typically lack in customer support. More often than not, in-house service staffs lack professional knowledge in sales and training. This leads to many of their customers to having to call a ‘1-800’ number for assistance; something that can be both time-consuming and aggravating. VOLT® on the other hand offers live customer support (7) days a week with friendly, knowledgeable representatives who will answer immediately and never let your call go to a voicemail. In addition to processing sales, returns, and warranty claims, the support team at VOLT® helps offer product and installation tips to hundreds of callers each and every day. Whether it’s planning a landscape lighting project or completing one, the team at VOLT® is always there to help.

Quality & Value


As national buying powers, big boxes typically were able to offer decent quality products at much lower price points. However, professional-quality landscape lights were restricted solely for contractors who were approved by manufacturers and distributors. VOLT® innovated the industry by offering professional quality fixtures directly to the public at factory-direct prices. Not only are the majority of VOLT’s® products made from solid metals with elegant designs but, the products are specifically engineered to be easy to install for DIYers and backed by lifetime warranties. While big-box stores may also lack variety in terms of brands and styles, VOLT’s® catalog offers a wide range of products for different applications and different themes. Although having storefronts nearby offers convenience, with same-day shipping from VOLT®, most homeowners in the US receive their purchases within 2-3 business days.

Additional Resources

With little-to-no resources for training and consulting and contractors who are not always the most high-skilled in their domain, more and more homeowners are searching for solutions and recommendations on the internet rather than at big-box stores. VOLT® offers a comprehensive database of how-to-information and guides for planning, designing, and installing a low-voltage landscape lighting system. In addition to in-depth product information and educational tools, VOLT® also has a project gallery where homeowners can get inspired for ideas by browsing the work of other projects.

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