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Which Kit Is Best for You?

June 4, 2020 September 17th, 2020 No Comments

Why Use A Kit?

As a homeowner, some home improvement projects can seem like difficult tasks when you consider everything involved. Even with prior knowledge and extensive research, there can be a number of decisions to be made; decisions that are vital to the success of the project.

For a landscape lighting project, light fixtures must be properly selected, assembled, and installed for beautiful, effective lighting design. Homeowners with little experience in lighting design may find this to be a tedious task and, possibly, one that they are not able to complete without help from a professional. But, there is a solution.

With recent innovations in the landscape lighting industry, landscape lighting kits are now offered by select manufacturers. These conveniently pre-assembled kits offer all of the components needed for a landscape lighting system; all bundled at reduced costs for additional savings. Thanks to these handy kits, a homeowner can completely transform a house while getting the accomplished feeling of successfully completing a DIY project with beautiful results.


Which Kit Is Best for You?

Spot Light Kit – Ideal for providing up-lighting illumination to highlight architectural features on the exterior of a home or landscape features in the yard (trees, shrubs, decorative pieces, etc.).

Path Light Kit – Ideal for providing illumination along walkways and driveways and, also, for providing area illumination in outdoor living spaces or garden beds.

Combination Kits – Most often, this type of kit contains spotlights and path lights. However, some manufacturers do offer kits containing various combinations of styles. These combination kits are ideal for projects where multiple styles of fixtures are needed for various applications (i.e. up-lighting and path lighting).

Expansion Kit – If you already have a pre-existing landscape lighting system and wish to expand it, various expansion kits are also available for homeowners. These kits typically include light fixtures, low-voltage power cable, and waterproof wire connectors; everything required to properly expand a system.

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