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What type of light do you need?

Vegetative rooms are used during the early stage of a plants cycle. A vegetative room allows growers to prepare the plants for flowering and harvest.


Flowering rooms are used for the final stage of a plants cycle when they begin producing flowers. These rooms require a lot of light to maximize your crop.


Full-cycle grow rooms are where the plants are in the same room for both flowering and vegetative. These are often used by cultivators who lack grow space.


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LED Grow Lights


The VL-1 is a compact high-output LED grow light ideal for use on racks or in tents. It has Samsung and OSRAM LEDs allow this fixture to efficiently produce full-spectrum white light. The built-in dimming control knob and remote dimming access allows you to easily adjust light output. UL Listed with a 5-Year Warranty.

• PPF: 1220 µmol/s
• Wattage: 440W
• Efficacy: 2.8 µmol/J
• Avg PPFD (5’x5’ Area): 459 µmol/m2/s

MSRP: $799.97


This ultra-high output grow light utilizes Samsung and OSRAM LEDs to produce full-spectrum white light ideal for growing flowering plants. The FL-1 is passively cooled by its ladder design. It comes with a built-in dimming control knob and has remote dimming capability. UL Listed with 5-Year warranty.

• PPF: 2000 µmol/s
• Wattage: 720W
• Efficacy: 2.8 µmol/J
• Avg PPFD (5’x5’ Area): 939 µmol/m2/s

MSRP: $1199.97



This plugin timer allows you to control the on-off cycles of any grow lights plugged into it. It’s digital display allows you to easily set up lighting schedules.

• Easy to read LCD display
• Easy set up and operation
• 120 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
• 1 Year Warranty

MSRP: $29.97