News | Decorate Your VOLT® Path Lights!

Tampa, FL. October 31, 2019

decorative arms

VOLT® has just released a series of decorative arms designed specifically for your VOLT® path and area lights. These additional accessories can be added to VOLT’s® standard size classic path lights and their estate size path lights. When added, they create a stunning aesthetic and add an ornamental charm to any home.


Features & Benefits:

  • Solid brass construction with antique bronze finish to match traditional brass path lights.

  • Standard stem size and Estate stem size options available.

  • Flower style or Scroll style versions available.

  • Mounting screws & allen key included.

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • How to Attach Decorative Arms:

    how to install

    1. Quickly assemble the decorative arm following the brief directions provided in the box.

    2. Loosen the stem top and remove it from the top end of the stem.

    3. Insert the neck of the stem top to the top arm ring of the decorative arm assembly. Secure them together with the set screws and tighten until snug.

    4. Insert or reinsert the bulb with the correct wattage and type marked on the fixture.

    5. Place the stem top with decorative arms assembly over the bulb. Thread the stem top onto the stem and hand tighten until snug.