News Release | VOLT® Lighting Focuses on New Inventions for Landscape Lighting Installation

Pro Junction Hub, Pro Micro-Junction Direct Burial Connector, and Clamp-Connect Transformers. Each of these are unique inventions and result in easier, faster and more robust installations. Since they save time, professional installers also save money.

Another new invention is the VOLT Gutter Mount Kit. This is a simple bracket (with coupling accessories) used to attach lighting fixtures to house gutters and rooflines. Installing lights on gutters is essential when designers need to illuminate upper stories and gables. In the past, attaching these lights was difficult and time-consuming. The new VOLT® product makes it easy and fast.

Attaching lights to flagpoles has also been an installation challenge. Existing clamps and other devices have been hard to install, may damage the flagpole, and are unsightly. VOLT’s new Flag Pole Mount has a simple and sturdy design that attaches in minutes.

Breedlove summarizes VOLT’s focus on installation inventions, “The beauty of landscape lighting is that it is, by its nature, easy to install. Still, if we can make it even easier and faster, then quality landscape lighting becomes even more accessible, less time-consuming, and less expensive. The ultimate result is that professionals can reach more homeowners, and the artistry of landscape lighting can spread.”

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