News | VOLT® Top Dog Spotlight Returns

By popular demand, VOLT® has reintroduced the Top Dog Spotlight; a fixture which has long been one of our most popular products.

Featuring an adjustable glare guard and adjustable knuckle, this fixture allows users to direct light towards target objects while preventing unwanted glare from entering un-designated areas of the property. A convex design prevents liquids from puddling on the glass lens, while pre-greased threads and a silicone plug in the lead-wire port prevent pests and moisture from entering the fixture. Versions available include: solid cast brass construction with a pre-aged antique brass finish or, brass construction with copper finish. Durable, powerful, and flexible, the Top Dog is designed for all uplighting applications.

With the re-release of the Top Dog, VOLT® sought to expand the options available for our line of lamp-ready fixtures. While the Top Dog spotlight maintains traditional styling, the new All-Star™ spotlight offers a sleek, modern design with dynamic flexibility and the same reliable functionality. The All-Star™ fixture is also made of solid cast brass and backed by a lifetime warranty. A more budget-friendly alternative for the traditional style, the Fat Boy is also a viable option for a lamp-ready fixture. Made of sheet brass and equipped with a 360º rotatable glare guard, the Fat Boy offers the same innovativeness, reliability, and lifetime warranty.

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