News | VOLT’s First Manually Dimmable Light

Tampa, FL. November 29, 2019


The team at VOLT® just introduced an innovative first in the industry. Rather than dimming light outputs through controlling power levels or just using various lenses, VOLT® has released a new floodlight which allows you to manually dim the light output by simply rotating the direction of the bulb. This new floodlight is known as the VOLT® Wide Splash R7S Flood Light.


Features & Benefits:

  • Solid brass fixture with an antique bronze finish for a lifetime of durability and beauty.
  • "Floating" bulb socket rotates to allow for different light outputs.
  • Works with LED or Halogen R7S bulbs; allows for customization of light output.
  • Frosted lens creates a soft, evenly diffused light.
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • How To Adjust the Light Output:

    how to install

    1.) Remove Glare Guard – Loosen the set screws and remove the glare guard from the fixture body.

    2.) Adjust the R7S bulb – Rotate the bulb inside its socket towards the back of the fixture to decrease the light output. To return to the normal lumen output, rotate the bulb towards the lens.

    3.) Install Glare Guard – Place the glare guard back onto the fixture body and secure with the previously remove set screws. Hand tighten until snug.