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With the rising trend of clean-energy technologies in recent decades, the “Going Green” movement eventually made its way into outdoor lighting. Over the past decade or so, solar-powered light fixtures have provided homeowners with illumination at virtually no costs (other than the initial purchase), with little-to-no effort needed for installation. While the convenience is unmatched in the industry, the overall quality of the lighting fixtures has left much to be desired; until now that is. Thanks to the engineering team at VOLT® Lighting, the industry’s first solid brass, solar-powered spotlight has hit the market: the VOLT® Solar Spotlight.


  • Solid brass construction
  • Monocrystalline solar panel
  • Ultra-adjustable design allows for maximum light aiming and sun absorption
  • Integrated LED casts 200 lumens of light with full charge
  • Lifetime Warranty

Installation Tips

Unlike most other companies who manufacture outdoor solar lights, VOLT® does not exaggerate the claims made about its solar spotlight. The VOLT® Solar Spotlight is the brightest solar spotlight on the market – the 200 lumens of light output lasts for several hours (4-8 hours), then the fixture gradually dims throughout the night and powers off. Multiple, heavy-duty toothed and tool-less knuckles make for easy adjustment and superior lockability which allows precise aiming of light. The ball joint (gimbal) knuckle allows for maximum sun exposure at the same time by allowing you to adjust the angle/direction of the solar panel. With all of this info in mind, let’s review some tips on how best to install the new solar spotlight:

1.) Highlight Specific Features – Solar spotlights are generally not designed to illuminate wide open areas or large features. While the beauty of outdoor solar lighting is that you can move it around easily to experiment, keep in mind the subtle level of light output and work to target specific landscape or architectural features; smaller trees/shrubs or, exterior walls on smaller or averaged sized homes.

2.) Avoid Obstructions – Be careful about where you place the lights; try not to place any fixtures where they may interfere with yard work. Likewise, placing the units too close to a driveway could result in your lighting being run over by vehicles. Make sure the units are visible enough in daylight and placed where they won’t be tripped over or run over.

3.) Maximize Available Sunlight – One vital thing to remember when installing outdoor solar lighting is that the units will need direct exposure to sunlight. This means placing them where they will absorb the maximum hours of sunlight each day. Make sure that branches and overhangs don’t shade the solar panels on the fixtures.

4.) Adjust the Solar Panel – When installing solar outdoor lighting, properly adjusting the solar panel is just as important as proper placement. You’ll need to angle the panel so that it receives ample sunlight for proper charging.

5.) Charging Before Installing – Make sure you fully charge your outdoor solar lighting before you install it. It’s best to charge them for a full 24 hours prior to use. To do this, the fixture must be “ON.” When you receive it, it will be “OFF.” Push the “ON” button on the back of the fixture once. Most of the time, if you cover the solar panel for a while, there will be enough charge for the fixture to light up to ensure it is “ON.”

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