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Home security measures are extremely important for our own safety and the safety of our friends and family. Of course, no homeowner wants to spend thousands of dollars on a home security system or invest in measures that may not actually enhance the level of security.

Recently, UNC Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology conducted a case study of over 400 incarcerated burglars to discover what motivates them and if there were any specific deterrents that would convince them otherwise. One of the most commonly mentioned deterrents was a lack of hiding spots available on well-lit properties. Essentially, the most convenient, affordable, and most successful form of home security is proper lighting. Installing motion-sensor flood lights is an ideal solution for a DIY-friendly security lighting system.

Features & Benefits

  • Die-cast aluminum housing with durable bronze powder coat finish.
  • High-quality LEDs integrated into the fixture body – no bulbs to replace.
  • Adjustable Motion Sensing (Detection Distance: 6-10m)
  • Adjustable “ON” time (Between 8 seconds and 12 minutes)
  • Adjustable light sensitivity (Ideal for different lighting scenarios)
  • Low-voltage (12V) and line-voltage (120V) models available.




The Pedestal prevents from having to mount a transformer onto the exterior of a building. Now, you can protect your home while safely and properly mounting your transformer.

Where Do I Install Motion-Sensing Flood Lights?

For best effectiveness, position a motion sensor light to cover the walks leading to your front and back doors and the driveway. That way the lights will come on when you come home at night. You can also use them to light up decks, patios and any potentially hazardous locations such as around stairways and swimming pools.

Ideally, it’s best to mount motion sensing lights at least 10 ft. above the ground and position it so that most movement will occur across the sensitivity zone rather than directly toward the detector.

Be sure to adjust the field-of-view angle and set the distance range of your motion detector to avoid nuisance trips from normal passing traffic, animals, pools of water, air conditioners, heating vents and wind-blown trees and shrubs.

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