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Norton Shopping Guarantee

March 1, 2021 August 23rd, 2021 No Comments

When I place an order on voltlighting.com, what coverage do I receive through the Norton Shopping Guarantee?

  • $10,000 Identity Theft Protection: Safeguarding your personal information is always a top priority. But if anything happens, Norton Shopping Guarantee is here to help. In the event your identity is stolen, anywhere, they’ll provide access to identity recovery services, and reimburse expenses up to $10,000 for costs like attorney fees, removing criminal judgments, and disputing credit reports.
  • $1,000 Purchase Guarantee: Didn’t get what you ordered and need help resolving the issue? No worries. If Norton Shopping Guarantee determines you are due a refund, you’ll get your money back  – up to $1,000.
  • $100 Lowest Price Guarantee: Online prices change all the time. If you buy something and see that the price has dropped, simply let Norton Shopping Guarantee know and they’ll refund you the difference up to $100.

How much does Norton Shopping Guarantee coverage cost?

Nothing; the Norton Shopping Guarantee is absolutely free to our customers.

After placing my voltlighting.com order, what do I need to do to enroll for Norton Shopping Guarantee coverage?

Nothing; your voltlighting.com purchase is automatically protected.

How long are Norton Shopping Guarantee benefits valid?

The Guarantees automatically expire thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. All benefit claims must be made within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase in order to keep the benefits, even if all the terms of sale are not yet fulfilled. Once a valid benefit claim is made, coverage applies until the claim is resolved.

Does Norton Shopping Guarantee cover international buyers too?

Yes, Norton Shopping Guarantee applies to all buyers regardless of where they are located in the world. However, please note that the Identity Theft Protection benefits vary for U.S. residents and non-U.S. residents.

When does Norton Shopping Guarantee get involved in a purchase dispute?

Norton Shopping Guarantee will only become directly involved in a dispute when either a merchant or customer requests their assistance.

If I have a problem transaction, how is a Purchase Guarantee claim filed and resolved?

In the rare instance that you have a problem with a guaranteed purchase, first contact VOLT® customer support. If you then need additional assistance, you can file a claim and a Norton Problem Resolution Specialist will assist in finding a solution. For problems where a mutually satisfactory resolution cannot be found, or upon the request of either party, Norton Shopping Guarantee will refer the matter to their Claim Services, Inc. for a final coverage ruling.

How long do benefit claims typically take to resolve?

  • For Purchase Guarantees, problem resolution should take no longer than two weeks. It is often much faster.
  • Lowest Price Guarantees claim processing typically takes 5 to 10 business days.
  • For Identity Theft Protection, Norton Shopping Guarantee will put you in contact with Remediation Specialists as quickly as possible, typically within 1 business day.

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