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PR Web | Tampa, FL, July 20, 2017

VOLT Lighting, leading factory-direct manufacturer of landscape lighting products, has a well-earned reputation for product innovation. Over the past two years, the company introduced over 200 new products – many of them invented to make landscape lighting easier and faster – without sacrificing the integrity of the installation. This new Pro Junction Hub is another invention that satisfies those goals.

Hub-type connectors have long been a critical component of landscape lighting systems. They allow the installer to connect up to 5 lights to a single hub connector. The hub is connected to the system’s power supply. By using a hub, the installer can make fewer connections and ensure that all lights in that group receive similar voltage. They also provide a voltage testing point both before and after installation. These benefits all result in a faster, easier installation, that is less likely to fail over time.

Michael Caselnova, Jr., Director of Product Development and Marketing, describes the development of the improved Pro Junction Hub, “VOLT® was the first company to use clamp-type connectors in hub junctions. Clamps are much easier and faster than typical twist-type hubs or hubs that use set screws. The introduction of our clamp-type hubs was received with enthusiasm from lighting pros and do-it-yourselfers. As with all new products, we encouraged reviews and feedback from our customers. They loved the clamps, but wanted them to be more accessible in the hub and to be easier to open and close.”

“Within a few weeks of introducing the first Pro Junction Hub we were in our Innovation Lab re-designing the hub and testing new prototypes. A few months later we went into production and launched the improved Pro Junction Hub. A new, upgraded clamp is used that is much easier to open and close, and the clamps are attached to the underside of the hub cap – more accessible and secure.”

With the introduction of this re-designed Pro Junction Hub, VOLT® demonstrates, once again, that it leads the industry in developing tools to make the work of landscape lighting installers easier, faster, and more secure.

Learn more about the VOLT® Pro Junction Hub.

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