VOLT® Brass Lifetime LED Down Light Kit | (18) Down Lights

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Complete, high-quality & easy-to-install. Includes 18 downlights and 18 LED bulbs - ideal for down lighting applications. Bundled at a reduced price for additional savings!

Kit includes:
  • (18) Solid Brass Down Lights with 40' lead wire
  • (18) Single Source LED MR16 (30w Equivalent) 3000K
  • Includes wire, connectors, timer, and transformer - all components needed for a complete high-performance lighting system
  • Lifetime Warranty
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VOLT® Brass Lifetime LED Down Light Kit | (18) Down Lights

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VOLT® Brass Lifetime LED Down Light Kit | (18) Down Lights

Everything you need from start to finish to install a professional downlight lighting system. The kit includes: Fixtures, LED lamps, transformer, cable, timer, and connectors. Bundled at a reduced price for additional savings!

Check out these tips for "The Approach of Landscape Lighting Design"

VOLT® LED landscape lighting kits satisfy many goals. They beautify your landscape, provide extra security and safety, and extend your nighttime living space. The kits also save energy with low wattage LEDs rated for a lifetime of use - we guarantee it.

Each kit's components have been hand picked to provide a durable system that performs perfectly; everything you need in one convenient package. You will be delighted with this kit - and with the Lifetime Warranty.

This Kit is Ideal for:

  • Creating a moonlight effect - dappled lighting that floods the landscape and simulates the natural light of the moon. Perfect to illuminate driveways, turf areas, and backyard patios.
  • Accenting landscape features - aim downlights on focal points such as garden beds, water features, and statuary. Such lighting from above catches the eye and impresses the viewer.

VOLT® Brass Lifetime LED Down Light Kit | (18) Down Lights | Includes:

  • (18) Solid Brass Down Lights with 40' lead wire
  • Solid cast brass down lights. Easily mounted on trees and structures. Included with low voltage LED MR16 bulbs. Professional quality internal components make for a fixture that will last a long time, even through harsh outdoor elements.

  • (18) Single Source LED MR16 60º (30w Equivalent) 3000K
  • These bulbs come in a 60º spread for a wide dispersion of light for the best results when used for downlighting.

  • (1) 250’ Spool of 12/2 Premium Direct Burial Landscape Lighting Cable
  • UL listed and UV-resistant direct burial cable, made specifically for low voltage outdoor landscape lighting applications.

  • (4) Dryconn® Black and Grey Connectors (12/pk)
  • DryConn® connectors are silicone-filled to ensure your connections are protected from moisture and corrosion. Poor connections are the number one cause of landscape lighting system failure. Using these DryConn® connectors ensure connections that last a lifetime.

  • (1) VOLT®'s Clamp-Connect 150 watt Low Voltage Transformer
  • This 150-watt Landscape Lighting Transformer features clamp-type terminal blocks that offer many advantages over typical screw-type blocks. Requiring no tools, the stripped wires are inserted individually into each hole, then clamped in place. The process is fast, simple, and provides extremely secure connections - you can't pull them loose.

  • (1) Intermatic Astronomic Digital Timer
  • The Intermatic Astronomic Digital Timer is a high-quality heavy duty digital indoor/outdoor timer designed with convenience in mind. This timer uses your geographical location to automatically determine dusk/dawn time which includes optional adjustments to Daylight Savings Time. You'll never have to adjust your timer settings again with this all in one unit replaces both a standard mechanical timer and photocell!

  • (1) 1/2" PVC Conduit
  • Pre-cut PVC conduit to protect the wires coming from the bottom of your transformer, and to give you that clean, organized, & professional look.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fixtures, Bulbs, and Transformers are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Woodsman Spec Sheet


Woodsman Installation Guide


Clamp-Connect Spec Sheet


Clamp-Connect Installation Guide

  • Cast Brass
  • Antique Bronze
  • 40' UL certified 18AWG, SPT-1 premium tinned copper wire
  • 3000K warm white
  • 60,000 hr
  • UL Listed
  • Lifetime