VOLT® 18" Hardscape Glare Guard (Aluminum, Bronze Finish)

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Product Code: VAC-HS-GG18-ABZ
  • Prevents Direct Glare
  • Designed for when lights are set at eye level or below
  • Easy to Install
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VOLT® 18" Hardscape Glare Guard (Aluminum, Bronze Finish)

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18" Glare Guard for LED Hardscape Light | Bronze Finish | Landscape Lighting

Designed for visual comfort.
A Landscape Lighting Innovation, Designed & Engineered Exclusively by VOLT™
This aluminum glare guard attaches to our 18" LED Hardscape Lights. It prevents direct glare (light that shines directly into the eyes) - especially important when the fixtures may be viewed from eye level or below - such as along stairs.

The glare guard maintains a low profile and does not interfere with the projected illumination.

Easy to install.

Available in Bronze or White for sizes: 3", 6", 12", and 18".

Installation Guide

  • Aluminum
  • Lifetime Warranty