VOLT® MR16 Multi-Beam Diffusion Filters with Clip

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  • Three diffusion filters with a progression of beam angles
  • Micro-Lenses minimize light loss
  • Two sides result in source-hiding or angle-spreading modes
  • Sturdy clip attaches to MR16 lamp
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VOLT® MR16 Multi-Beam Diffusion Filters with Clip

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MR16 Multi-Beam Diffusion Filters with Clip | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

An affordable diffusion kit with three filters for 6 additional beam angles from a single MR16 lamp.
A Landscape Lighting Innovation, Designed & Engineered Exclusively by VOLT™

Buy One MR16 Lamp and get 6 Beam Angles! One of the challenges of landscape lighting design is to predict the optimal beam angle before the fixture is installed. For this reason, many designers bring extra lamps to the job site - an expensive and hard-to-manage practice. Instead, bring a few of these inexpensive Multi-Beam Diffusion kits, and change the beam angle without replacing the lamp.

New Micro-Lens Technology! Ordinary diffusion filters are highly inefficient because they scatter light in all directions. This new diffusion material is constructed with micro-lenses embedded in a clear material. The result is highly controlled diffusion with a minimal loss of light intensity.

Two Effects. Another feature of these filters is that they can be used in two orientations - with the microstructure (rough side) towards the lamp, or the microstructure facing away from the lamp. The former of these orientations is called the "Lamp Hiding Mode" the latter is the "Angle-Spreading" mode. The appearance of the two modes is slightly different and results in different beam angles.

Start with any MR16 Lamp. The filters can be used with lamps of any beam angle. And, the resulting beam angle changes according to that. To find the resulting beam angles for any MR16 lamp, refer to the following chart.

Note: The printing along the edges of the filters displays the resulting beam angles for a 12° - 15° MR16 lamp. These numbers change when the source lamp is not 12° - 15°.

The sturdy filter clip attaches directly to the lamp to hold the filter in place.

  • 3 Lenses, 1 Clip