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VOLT® Photocell Extension Cord (10ft.)

  • 10ft Overall Length
  • Weather Resistant
  • Easy Install
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10 Foot Remote Photocell Extension Cord

10' extension cord for photocells is used to install a photocell farther away from the transformer or in a remote location. For example, if the transformer is mounted in a dark corner and you want to mount the photocell where it can receive more light. The remote photocell extension cord has male and female plugs built-in, so it is plug and play. One end plugs into the outdoor lighting transformer, the other end into the photocell. This remote extension for photocells also includes heat-shrink tubing for both ends, allowing you to heat-shrink the connection to prevent water or moisture from entering the connection/plug/adapter. Others sell photocell extensions for $29.99-$39.99 and don't include proper waterproof outdoor connectors or heat-shrink tubing. We are 1/2 price AND better! Note: this is the extension cord ONLY; photocell sold separately.

TIP: Don't forget to order a surface mount so that you can proper mount/screw the photocell in its remote location.

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