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VOLT® Pro Macro-Junction Direct Burial Connector 8 Way | 2 Pack

Exclusive VOLT® Innovation! Introducing the next level of direct burial hub connector for use with multiple low voltage fixtures.

  • New fast & secure hub-style connector
  • Connects up to 7 leads per unit
  • Extremely strong connections that will not pull apart
  • Pre-filled with waterproof silicone grease
  • Patented

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    VOLT® Pro Macro-Junction Direct Burial Connector | 2 Pack

    Introducing a new fast & secure hub-style direct burial connector for use with multiple fixtures.

    Low voltage direct burial wire junction designed to connect up to 7 fixtures and a home-run wire back to the transformer. Locking clamps secure leads for a strong connection - can not be pulled apart. Pre-filled with silicone grease to ensure a waterproof connection that will stand the test of time.

    Installation Tip

    To ensure a proper connection, lift the orange lever to the fully open position. This is achieved once the lever is perpendicular to the direction the wire is inserted. Once the wire is fully inserted into the hole below the open lever, push the orange lever back down until it clicks into the closed position. Make sure your connection is complete by giving a light pull on the connected wire.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Extremely strong mechanical connection - wires cannot pull out of clamps (like they can with silicone filled wire caps).
    • Pack of two connectors (accommodates 7 fixtures and a home run)
    • Simple operation - insert wires, flip down clamps, remove grease cap, then close connector.
    • Made to fit 12 gauge wire or smaller
    • Professional quality - replaces hub-style junction boxes.
    • Patented.
    • A Landscape Lighting Innovation, Designed & Engineered Exclusively by VOLT™

    Removing the black guard between terminals will cause the connection to short

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    • Patented