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LED Flat Panel Lights

LED Panel Light | Indoor Lighting

The VOLT® LED Panel Light is a high performance edge lit luminaire designed as a replacement to fluorescent troffer fixtures in both new construction as well as retrofit applications. The edge lit design of the luminaire gives it a slim profile. The Edge Lit Flat Panel LED light ships with T-BAR clips, making installation in most standard 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ T-Bar and narrow grid drop ceilings quick and easy.

  • UL Listed Indoor Lighting
  • Lifetime Warranty

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    VOLT® LED Panel Light | 2' x 2' 4000k


    Energy-saving LED Flat Panels to replace fluorescent fixtures - in 2' x 2' squares - cool white (4000K).

    The VOLT® Edge Lit Flat Panels are high performance edge-lit luminaires designed as replacements to fluorescent troffer fixtures in both new construction and retrofit applications. The edge-lit design gives it a slim profile while the white polycarbonate lens controls glare and provides uniform light distribution, with no hotspots or pixelation.

    Lifetime Warranty

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