Video | VOLT® 100-Watt Slim Line LED Transformer

Summary: Groundbreaking 100W LED transformer for super-easy installation and control. This new low-profile design with see-through window includes easy-to-use clamp-type connectors, simple-to-set modular timer and embedded photocell. Just one output - 15 volts - that's all you need for a small- to medium-sized VOLT® LED system.

Video Transcript

Every landscape lighting project needs a low voltage power supply. It should be reliable, easy to install, and simple to control. The VOLT slimline led transformer fits all these requirements and more.

The first thing you notice about the slimline is the window on the front lid without opening the transformer you can check whether or not you have power as well as the mode on the timer. Inside you see the clamp type terminals these are the easiest, fastest, and most secure connectors on the market use them once and you'll never go back to the old terminal blocks. Note that there is only one voltage tap 15 volts that's all you need for a small to medium-sized led system

Having one voltage tap makes installation easier and saves space, weight, and cost. Finally, check out the VOLT exclusive design timer and photocell combination.Normally you need two separate devices a timer and a photocell. This unit combines them and gives you a wide range of simple to set control options. With all its advanced features

The VOLT slimline LED transformer is in a league of its own. The perfect power supply for all VOLT Lighting projects.