Video | VOLT® Fat Boy Spotlight

Summary: The VOLT® Fat Boy Spotlight is easily the most affordable all-brass fixture in low voltage outdoor lighting. Sheet brass body, cast brass knuckle, and solid brass screws and knobs. Includes 360º rotatable shroud, PVC Hammer™ Stake (brass surface mount base shown in picture is an optional accessory). Uses Halogen or LED MR-16 lamps rated up to 50w. Uses premium grade internal components: Silicone sealed at lead wire exit, internal heat reflector, pre-greased ceramic socket for longevity and convex lens for shedding water. Perfect for any uplighting application. The Fat Boy Spotlight is a great solution for any budget without sacrificing pro-grade quality.

Video Transcript

The VOLT Fat Boy spotlight is the best value in landscape lighting.

Made of durable brass this fixture includes a lifetime warranty at a very low price.

The Fat Boy is all about simplicity and performance It is easy to install and adjust without the need for tools.

With premium internal components that resist corrosion and a convex lens that sheds water this light will survive the elements year after year.

If you have a tight budget and don't need the advanced features of other VOLT spotlights choose the Fat Boy. Its guaranteed to last a lifetime.