Video | VOLT® ShadowMaster LED Path & Area Light

Summary: The ShadowMaster is VOLT’s first estate-sized fixture. It’s bigger (35 inches tall) and more robust (thicker stem and bigger stake) than the typical path and area light. This fixture is impressive in the daylight and breathtaking at night.

Video Transcript:

Introducing the VOLT® ShadowMaster LED path light. A decorative low voltage fixture built for substantial homes and landscapes, this handsome luminaire lens elegance to your paths and gardens. It makes a bold statement during the day - then at night, it really shines. The ShadowMaster projects light through its intricate scroll work. The result is a delightful pattern of loops and swirls adorning the surrounding area. Where there was darkness, you now have a stunning display of shadow and light. Your family and guests will love this light, and you will appreciate the value it adds to your home.