Video | How to install under cabinet lighting in a kitchen

Summary: This instructional video shows how to install VOLT® LED Under Cabinet Lighting in a few easy steps, using just a measuring tape, power drill & pencil.

Video Transcript:

In this video, you will learn how to quickly install VOLT® LED Under Cabinet Lighting in our most popular application: the kitchen. The only tools you will need for this installation are a measuring tape. power drill and a pencil.

VOLT® Under Cabinet Lighting comes in two configurations: Constant On and Touch On/Off. For this application, we decided to use the Constant On. This configuration has no on/off switch and is intended to be controlled by a standard wall switch connected to a power outlet. For applications where a wall switch does not exist, the Touch On/Off configuration may be your best option.

OK, let's get started.

Step 1: Take your measurements. Check the measurements of the light fixture against the clearance space underneath cabinet. Be sure to have at least one inch of extra space on both sides of where the fixture will be installed to ensure room for the under cabinet lighting power supply to plug in.

Step 2: Prep your mounting clips for installation. In this application, we decided to use the optional 30-degree mounting clips to reduce countertop reflection and to shed more light on the backsplash. You will need two of these 30 degree clips for the 12 inch light and three for the 20 inch lights. Start by removing one side of a double-stick mounting tape and apply to one of the mounting clips, then repeat this process for remaining clips.

Step 3: Install the mounting clips. Position your mounting clips into place firmly to ensure the adhesive holds. Then using your power drill, mount the clips with the provided hardware. You'll be drilling right through the adhesive tape so use caution when using the drill. Applying too much power could cause damage to the cabinet.

Step 4: Installing the under cabinet LED strips. Position the fixtures into the mounting clips and push firmly until the under cabinet light clicks into place. If you're installing several fixtures in succession, then you’ll need to install a strip-to-strip connector. Once installed, you may need to slide the fixtures to make final adjustments.

Step 5: Power supply and jumper cable wiring. Determine where your power supply will go as well as any necessary jumper cables. If a jumper cable is required, plug both male ends of the cable into each of the light fixtures to complete a connection. Use the provided cable management clips to securely hold the cables into place and out of view. To ensure secure adhesion, we recommend cleaning the mounting area with an alcohol-based cleaning product. To mount, simply remove the adhesive backing and apply to the desired location. Plug in your power supply to turn the system on.

We hope you found this installation video of VOLT® LED Under Cabinet Lighting to be helpful. If you have any questions about how to install this or any other VOLT® products, please give us a call at (813) 978-3700.