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VIDEO | Brass Bully Turret Top MR16 Well Light Installation Guide

May 12, 2020 April 22nd, 2021 No Comments


In this instructional video, learn how to install a VOLT® Brass Bully Turret Top MR16 Well Light in a dock. This same method will also work in decking.

Video Transcript:

In this video, I will be showing you how to install the Brass Bully Turret Top Well Light in the edge of a dock. The turret is perfect for this application because it can be placed out of the way, out on the edges of the deck, to cast light across the surface.

Once you have located where the fixture will be placed, drill a 4 inch hole through the deck. I recommend picking the center of a single board to do this. We are going to recess our light fixture 5/8 of an inch into the decking itself so that only the decorative brass top is visible.

The next step is to create the ledge for our light to sit on. for this for going to use a router with a 1/2 inch rabbet bit. We will also be setting our depth at 5/8 of an inch. I recommend drilling out and routering your step on a single deck board. Crossing over the void between boards could potentially cause damage and result in having to replace decking material.

With a hole in the step cut out, we can now drop our wire and fixture in place to test the fit. With a fixture in place, all that is left is to install the lamp. Simply unscrew and remove the top from the base. The turret as well as all the Brass Bully MR16 series of lights accept MR16 halogen and LED lamps. (Note: Integrated LED versions of the Brass Bully are now also available.)

With the lamp in place, re-affix the fixture top to the base. To create a better seal, tighten your screws in a crisscrossing manner to more evenly set the rubber gasket in place. You can also use a few dabs of silicone to secure your base to the wood.

For creating a safe and elegant touch to decks and docks, Brass Bully Turret is a great fixture for marking edges of drop-offs as well as creating an inviting atmosphere for gatherings. If you have any questions about this or any other products from VOLT® Lighting, feel free to call our customer care at (813) 978-3700.

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