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May 29, 2020 May 14th, 2021 No Comments


The unique (patent pending) design of the VOLT® Coachman LED Area and Path Light is a sight to behold. There is no other luminaire like this on the market. With an ornate design, this fixture features an ultra-realistic LED Bi-Pin candle that plugs into the upper portion of the fixture. While the candle isn’t the main source of light, the hidden LED lamp (in the lower portion of the fixture) produces ample light for general glare-free illumination. The Coachman is perfect in area lighting applications where you would use a traditional lamp post. The candle effect is so realistic you will swear you need to go out on the lawn and put it out each night!


Video Transcript:

Welcoming your guests with an attractive coach light lantern is a tradition from the past. In those days, lanterns housed a candle. Modern times brought electric bulbs – often glaring and much less welcoming than a real flame.

Now, with the VOLT® Coachman Light, you can capture the ambiance from the past with the technology of the present. Designed to resemble the original coach light, it features an ultra-realistic candle. You will swear the candle and its flickering flame is real – even though an LED light powers it.

Another feature makes the VOLT® Coachman remarkable – a second LED light hidden under the shade. This illuminates the ground with a 16-foot diameter region of light – perfect for lighting the entrance to your property or illuminating the path to your front door.

Bring a tradition of the past to your home. Welcome your guests with a luminaire that lights the way and houses a simple and beautiful candle. Enjoy all the benefits of this remarkable VOLT® Coachman LED Path and Area Light.

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