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The VOLT® Timer & Photocell Combo is an essential energy-saving mechanical timer for your low voltage landscape lighting system. This unit plugs directly into our VOLT® Transformers and gives you extremely easy control of your light system. The timer has a 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10 hour settings to turn the lights off after dusk. This timer also features dusk to dawn settings and manual off and on settings for maximum control.

Video Transcript

Low voltage landscape lighting is not only beautiful it has a low energy cost especially when the on/off time of your system is controlled by a timer and photocell.

The volt timer and photocell combo is the ideal way to control operating time it is simple to set no programming required. Just plug in the timer mount the photocell and set the timer mode the first two modes on and off are for testing the dusk-to-dawn mode turns your lights on just before sunset and off just before sunrise.

The set time modes further increase your energy saving they turn your system on at dusk then off after a set number of hours your lights are only on when you need them with a simple turn of the dial the volt timer and photocell combo controls your landscape lighting system.

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