VOLT® 900 Watt (12v-15v) Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer

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  • High Performance Toroidal Core
  • Multi-Tap 12-15V
  • Lifetime Warranty
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VOLT® 900 Watt (12v-15v) Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer

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VOLT® 900 Watt 12-15v Multi-Tap Transformer

VOLT® 12-15v Landscape Lighting Transformers feature top-of-the-line internal and external components for professional results and commercial reliability. Truly the perfect solution for small to medium landscape lighting systems.

The extremely reliable, efficient, and quiet toroidal magnetic core lasts a lifetime. The transformer also runs cooler than conventional laminated magnetic types. The solid stainless steel body further ensures that this transformer will never corrode.

The 12 to 15 volt taps provide the ability to compensate for voltage loss.

Convenient stainless steel mounting bracket, removable door, and removable lower plate make installation an easy process. Timer and photocell receptacles allow your transformer to be fully programmed to turn your system on and off on your schedule.

Since wiring space is tight with some transformers, our VOLT® 12-15 Volt Multi-Tap Transformers feature approximately 35% more space that allows you to easily organize your incoming lines and make connections without hassle.

Easily one of the best low voltage transformers on the market. Don't settle on any lesser quality! Order your commercial-grade low voltage transformer today from VOLT®

Magnetic vs Electronic Transformers

Magnetic Transformers. These transformers use two coils, a primary coil and a secondary coil, to reduce the voltage from 120 volt down to 12 volts. The primary coil carries the line voltage (108 v to 132 v). The flow of electricity through the primary coil induces a magnetic field that creates a current in the secondary coil. Since the secondary coil has 10 times fewer windings, it creates a current with 10 times lower voltage.

Two Types. There are two types of magnetic landscape lighting transformers. These vary by the type of core: laminated/stacked cores (also know as EI type) or toroidal cores. Laminated or stacked windings have sheets wrapped in copper wire that are then stacked or laminated together to make a core. This is the more common, less expensive method for manufacturing a core. Toroidal cores are one solid unit shaped like a donut and have the windings wrapped around the donut, in and out of the donut hole. Toroidal cores are more efficient, experience less buzz, and run cooler but are more expensive to make.

The choice of whether or not to use a toroidal core also depends the system load. Systems with relatively high loads - such as lighting systems with 10 or more fixtures, benefit the most from toroidal cores; smaller systems - such as those with less than 50 watts of load, are served well with EI laminated types. This is why VOLT® sells its smallest transformer (75 watt capacity) with the less expensive EI core.

Electronic Transformers. This transformer type converts the 120 volt current to 12 volts by first increasing the frequency of the current (from 60 Hz to as high as 20,000 Hz). The increased frequency allows the use of a miniature core enabling the transformer to be very small, light, and inexpensive. The biggest downside is that their high frequency current may not be compatible with LED circuits. These currents also suffer from extensive voltage loss compared to magnetic types. A 12-volt electronic transformer must be positioned within about 10 ft. of the fixture. Electronic transformers are also subject to overheating and premature failure.

For all these reasons, VOLT® only uses electronic transformers for indoor lights such as under-cabinet and strip lighting.

Don't forget to order a timer or photocell for automatic operation of your VOLT® transformers.


VOLT® 900 Watt 12-15v Multi-Tap Transformer Features & Benefits:

  • Stainless steel case
  • Built-in stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Custom colored coded wire management kit
  • Dimensions: Length 14" Width 8.25" Height 7.16"
  • Weight: 37 lbs
  • Input Voltage: 120V A/C
  • Output Voltage: 12v, 13v, 14v and 15v A/C
  • Premium components, windings, primary and secondary circuits.
  • Latest technology -- TOROIDAL CORE transformer
  • Low voltage transformer designed specifically for outdoor lighting and landscape lighting professionals.
  • Ensures lights are all bright and even for professional results.
  • Photocell and timer ready ports (photocell and timer not included)
  • Only draws as much electricity as needed to illuminate the bulbs you have -- e.g. a 300w transformer will only draw 150w of power if you only have (3) 50 watt bulbs hooked to it. Guidelines suggest never loading a transformer greater than 80% of its capacity (480 watts for this model).
  • Includes a 5 1/2ft line voltage power supply cord. Not designed to be hardwired or for use with an extension cord, doing so will void any warranties.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

Installation Guide

  • Non-brushed 304 stainless steel with removable cover
  • Stainless Steel
  • 60″ black 18 AWG SJTW cord and plug set
  • 900W
  • 120V
  • 12V- 15V
  • Secondary: (3) 25A Magnetic Circuit Breakers; Primary: Automatic (auto reset) Thermal Breaker in core
  • ETL Listed
  • Lifetime
  • Length 14" Width 8.25" Height 7.16"
  • 37.0lbs