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VOLT® 6” Brass Hardscape Glare Guard (Bronze)

Designed to pair with our 6" Rotatable LED Hardscape for visual comfort.
  • Prevents direct glare
  • Designed for when lights are set at eye level or below
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty
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6" Glare Guard for Rotatable LED Hardscape Light

Designed to pair with our 6" Rotatable Brass LED Hardscape Light for visual comfort.
This brass bronze glare guard attaches to our 6" Rotatable Brass LED Hardscape Light. It prevents direct glare (light that shines directly into the eyes) - especially important when the fixtures may be viewed from eye level or below - such as along stairs.

The glare guard maintains a low profile and does not interfere with the projected illumination.

Easy to install.

Also available in 3", 12", and 18" to pair with our full line of Rotatable Brass LED Hardscape Lights.

More Information
  • Cast Brass
  • Lifetime Warranty