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Transformers & Accessories

Shop Landscape Lighting Transformers & Accessories 

Low Voltage Transformers

Designed for easy installation, consistent performance and longevity, VOLT® transformers are the best on the market

Transformer Accessories

Timers, photocells, conduit and more for VOLT® low voltage transformers

Direct Burial Cable

 Specifically designed for 12V landscape lighting, VOLT® cable optimizes the performance and longevity of our low voltage transformers

Wire Connectors & Hubs

Easy-to-install clamp-type hub connectors and pro-quality direct burial connectors that will never fail

Mounting Accessories

Keep your fixtures secure with our patented Hammer® Stake, plus trident stakes, surface and canopy mounts, flag pole mounts and more

Extensions & Risers

Use extension risers to elevate fixtures above vegetation and other obstacles, and elbows for turning corners

Landscape Lighting Tools

Wire strippers, wire crimpers, voltmeters, heat guns, auger bits and more to make installation a breeze

Glare Guards

Add glare guards to fixtures to prevent light from being projected into viewers' eyes

Lenses, Filters & Optics

Alter light beams to add versatility to your landscape lighting designs