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LED MR8 Bulbs

LED MR8 Bulbs

MR8 bulbs are similar in appearance to the MR16 or MR11, but smaller. The number assigned to MR bulbs indicates the bulb's diameter in 1/8th inch increments, so the MR8 has a 1-inch diameter. Our 2W Single Source LED MR8 bulb saves 85% off energy costs when compared to a 15W halogen equivalent bulb. Plus, it's a single source LED bulb, so it produces much crisper shadows than more common, lower quality LEDs.

  • Specifically designed for landscape lighting
  • 175 lumen light output
  • 38 degree flood beam spread
  • 2700K warm white color temperature
  • Lifetime Warranty


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  1. VOLT® 2W Single Source LED MR8 38º 2700K Bulb (15W Halogen Replacement)
    VOLT® 2W Single Source LED MR8 38º 2700K Bulb (15W Halogen Replacement)

    Single source LEDs produce much crisper shadows since there is only one light source. Our Single Source LED MR8 Lightbulbs will fit any of our LED landscape lighting fixtures that require an MR8 bulb. Our lamps are specifically designed for landscape lighting and outdoor low voltage lighting.

    The Forever Bulb® - Lifetime Warranty

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