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Flood Lights

Low Voltage Flood Lights

VOLT® LED flood lights are ideal for illuminating walls, signs, tree canopies and similar applications requiring wide-spread lighting. They provide safety and security for yards and other large areas. They can also be used for landscape lighting techniques like wall washing and grazing.

About LED Flood Lights

How do flood lights work?

A flood light is a luminaire that spreads light beyond the boundaries of other, more focused lights. These multi-purpose fixtures add splashes of light to large areas of your landscape lighting project, and can be used for trees, structures, walls or even as security lights to deter trespassers with their high luminosity and wide light distribution. Floodlights include a range of fixtures of various shapes and sizes. The common factor is a very wide beam angle – typically in the range of 60º to 120º. Please note that when describing bulbs, we use "flood" to mean beam angles from 30º to 38º, "wide flood" for 60º, and "very wide flood" for 80º to 100º.

What's the difference between a floodlight and a spotlight?

Spotlights are used for emphasis in outdoor lighting – to call attention to specific architectural or landscape features. Unlike floodlights that shed light across a wide area, spotlights have narrower beams so they can focus on one thing at a time.

How do I choose a flood light?

When considering how to choose floodlights, understand that it depends on your application. Floodlights can be mounted on gutters or roof edges to illuminate the second story of a home, or used to illuminate walls, garden beds, low-lying plant material, buses, small trees, or stands of multiple trees. They can be mounted at a height greater than 20 feet to illuminate decks, patios or lawns. And they can be used in commercial or municipal applications to light signs, facades and public areas. No matter your application, VOLT® has the perfect flood light to meet your needs - and all of our brass floodlights are covered by our lifetime warranty. Our floodlights come in a variety of configurations; call us at (813) 978-3700 if you have any questions about the right one for your project.

What is the brightest outdoor LED flood light?

Low voltage is generally the choice for residential applications, and among those fixtures, our 50W LED Floodlight with Yoke Mount produces a whopping 4500 lumens of light output. It's ideal for washing groups of trees, house facades, signs and any other application that requires an extra-wide flood light. But bear in mind, less is often more in outdoor lighting. While maximum brightness is needed for some applications, other times it can be a good idea to choose the least amount of light that will do the job.

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  1. VOLT® Mini Round Brass Wall Wash (Bronze)
    VOLT® Mini Round Brass Flood Light & Wall Wash (Bronze)

    As low as $34.97

    The round shape, frosted lens, and ceramic white interior allow this fixture to maximize its light output making it perfect for highly diffused, widespread illumination on walls and plants.

    The compact and durable VOLT® Mini Round Brass Wall Wash features a solid brass construction with a pre-aged bronze finish and an adjustable knuckle for precision aiming. Designed to withstand harsh elements, this fixture also features a moisture-tight design.

    Lifetime Warranty

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  2. VOLT® Gentle Splash brass flood light and wall wash light illuminated.
    VOLT® Gentle Splash Cast Brass Flood Light & Wall Wash (Bronze)

    As low as $54.97

    Most compact of our cast brass floodlights. Ideal for illumination of mailboxes, pillars, and small to medium sections of walls and garden beds.

    It provides a wider beam spread than spotlights. The small size of the Gentle Splash makes it a popular choice for hiding and mounting in a trellis or rafters.

    Lifetime Warranty

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  3. VOLT® Gentle Splash Cast Brass Flood Light & Wall Wash (Black)
    VOLT® Gentle Splash Cast Brass Flood Light & Wall Wash (Black)

    As low as $59.97

    Experience the perfect blend of durability, versatility, and sophisticated design of our most popular flood light now with our durable black powder-coated Onyx finish.

    Whether you desire a gentle wall wash to highlight architectural features or a broad beam spread to accentuate expansive areas, this versatile fixture ensures you achieve the ideal illumination effect with precision and ease.

    Lifetime Warranty

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  4. New
    VOLT® 12V 27W RGBCW Integrated LED Flood Light with Yoke Mount
    VOLT® RGBCW Integrated LED Flood Light with Yoke Mount

    As low as $209.97

    Color-changing, dimmable flood light provides expansive coverage for a variety of large applications.

    This powerful 27W, commercial-style, low voltage flood light provides bright and efficient illumination. The yoke mount adds flexibility to position the light exactly as needed. VOLT® RGBCW RF Remote Control required for color-changing, dimming, and color temperature adjustments.

    Lifetime Warranty Learn More

  5. VOLT® Big PAR36 Brass Flood Light (Bronze)
    VOLT® Big PAR36 Brass Flood Light (Bronze)

    As low as $59.97

    Crafted from solid brass with a pre-aged bronze finish, the VOLT® Big PAR36 Brass Flood Light evolves gracefully to enhance your landscape's allure. >/p>

    Its brass construction and moisture-tight design ensure long-lasting durability. With an adjustable knuckle and glare guard, precision lighting for expansive areas is effortless.

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  6. VOLT® Big PAR36 Brass Black Flood Light
    VOLT® Big PAR36 Brass Flood Light (Black)

    As low as $64.97

    The VOLT® Big PAR36 Brass Black Flood Light is the epitome of quality, durability, and reliability, delivering brilliant lighting solutions for a wide range of larger applications.

    Featuring a moisture-tight design, this flood light is engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring its performance and longevity even in rainy or humid environments. You can trust this flood light to consistently provide exceptional illumination, enhancing the beauty and safety of your outdoor spaces.

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  7. New
    VOLT® Nano Integrated LED Brass Flood Light (Bronze)
    VOLT® Nano Integrated LED Brass Flood Light (Bronze)

    Introducing our tiniest flood light yet! The Nano flood light delivers an impressive 175 lumens of light, all packed into a compact fixture the size of your index finger.

    Designed specifically for smaller, non-traditional landscapes such as high-rises, apartments, planters, and more, this flood light offers widespread illumination with its ~120° beam angle.

    Lifetime Warranty Learn More

  8. VOLT® 10W integrated brass LED flood light with yoke mount in aluminum bronze.
    VOLT® 10W Integrated LED Flood Light with Yoke Mount (Aluminum Bronze)

    As low as $69.97

    Sleek design with powerful, efficient illumination - 950 LUMENS from a low-voltage fixture.

    This floodlight has the utility and light intensity of a line voltage floodlight, with the safety and convenience of low voltage. Great for illuminating large trees and their canopies, large turf areas, backyards, signs, and any other application that requires a super-wide, bright flood light.

    5 Year Warranty

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  9. VOLT® RGBW 30W integrated flood light with yoke mount and color controller.
    VOLT® RGBW 30W Integrated LED Flood Light with Yoke Mount (Aluminum Bronze)

    As low as $299.97

    VOLT®'s new line of color-changing integrated LED floodlights - powerful, widespread illumination with vivid colors.

    12V RGBW LED floodlight with powerful, widespread light output and vivid color-changing capabilities. Made from die-cast aluminum with super-durable powder coating. Features an integrated LED with IR remote control included for dimming and color modes.

    5-Year Warranty

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