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Landscape Lighting Tools


Having the right tools makes all the difference. VOLT® provides tools specific to landscape lighting installation.

  • Precision wire strippers to remove insulation without cutting strands.
  • Sturdy wire crimpers for solid crimp-type connectors
  • Voltmeter ideal for low voltage measurements
  • Portable heat gun for shrink-type connectors
  • An auger bit for getting under sidewalks, and more.

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  1. New
    VOLT® RGBW Remote Control for VOLT® color-changing integrated LED fixtures.
    VOLT® RGBW Remote Control

    Designed for use with VOLT® RGBW integrated LED fixtures.

    Allows for RGBW color-changing modes and 10-step dimming with all VOLT® RGBW LED fixtures. Infrared (IR) remote control. Requires (2) AAA batteries (not included). For optimal signal, maintain close proximity and line-of-sight with RGBW fixtures.

    1-Year Warranty

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  2. VOLT® Digital Voltmeter
    VOLT® Digital Voltmeter

    This Digital Voltmeter is extremely handy when it comes to determining whether the electrical characteristics of a fixture are in parameter. Use this as a measurement tool of voltage level. Optimizing your system to proper voltage levels at the fixture can maximize the efficiency and life of your low voltage landscape lighting system. This is a must-have to keep your system in check!

    1-Year Warranty

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  3. VOLT® G2 Foot Stomper Stake Installer
    VOLT® G2 Foot Stomper Stake Installer

    Pro tool for fast and easy stake-mounted fixture installation

    VOLT® experts designed this tool to save time and labor for landscape lighting installations. With steel construction and a unique design, stakes can be pushed into the ground with a minimal physical effort. Now with thicker stem for added stability and strength.

    1 Year Warranty

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  4. VOLT® Dual Lock Nut Wrench 1/2" and 3/4"
    VOLT® Dual Lock Nut Wrench 1/2" and 3/4"

    A Landscape Lighting Innovation, Designed & Engineered Exclusively by VOLT™
    This Lock Nut Wrench is made of tempered steel, which keeps it from bending or warping over time. With its solid and simple design, there aren’t any parts that could possibly wear out. This is most commonly used for adjusting fixture locknuts in the field; it also works well with the locknut on the transformer conduit. It also functions as a normal wrench for use with any 1/2" or 3/4" nut.

    1-Year Warranty

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  5. VOLT® Flexible Auger Drill Bit 54"
    VOLT® Flexible Auger Drill Bit 54"

    Ever have trouble getting lead wire under a sidewalk?
    Introducing VOLT®'s Flexible auger drill bit, which features a hole for guiding cable back through and getting those wires under your sidewalk the easiest way possible without damaging the concrete. Start by digging out the grass on the sides on the slab you need to get under and drill the auger bit right under the concrete to the other side, from there you can slip the lead wire through the hole and pull the bit back through, which in turn will also pull your lead wire with it. The auger drill bit fits most standard size power drills and with the flexibility makes this the only solution for keep wires out of sight.

    1-Year Warranty

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  6. King Krimper Tool
    King Krimper Tool

    Ratcheting style tool for use with KSC crimp style wire connectors. Pre-defined compression for each connector size guarantees a secure connection every time. Durable build, and color coded for ease of use and dependability.

    1-Year Warranty

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  7. VOLT® Comfort Squeeze Wire & Crimp Tool
    VOLT® Comfort Squeeze Wire & Crimp Tool

    Featuring a handle lock for closure and safety. Ergonomic comfort squeeze handle eases hand fatigue and provides non-slip grip. AWG and metric wire sizes ensure you will always have the right tool with you. Wire strippers also have crimp tool built right in.

    1-Year Warranty

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  8. VOLT® Wire Stripper w/Handle Lock
    VOLT® Wire Stripper w/Handle Lock

    Heavy duty wire strippers feature a handle lock and non-slip comfort grip for safety. AWG and metric wires sizes ensure you have the right tool every time. Heat treated steel pivot bushings and automatic spring return ensure construction quality.

    1-Year Warranty

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  9. VOLT® LED Headlamp
    VOLT® LED Headlamp

    High performance, compact, and durable.

    Heavy duty LED headlamp with all the features. Adjustable, durable design and its LED is bright and made to last. The convenient head strap allows you to keep your hands free while directing light where needed.

    • Compact, yet durable and bright
    • Adjustable, elastic headband 
    • LED with bright light, low battery usage, long life span
    • Features four different modes
    • Includes (2) rechargeable batteries (with charger)
    1-Year Warranty

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  10. VOLT® Conductive Electrical Grease
    VOLT® Conductive Electrical Grease

    VOLT® Conductive Electrical Grease is a unique combination of solvents, waxes and corrosion inhibitor system that is designed to penetrate metal pores and dissolve minor corrosion. Great for use on electrical connections, fixture lamp receptacle and fixture threading. Will not cause shorted circuits. Apply the grease during your regularly scheduled maintenance/cleaning of your landscape lighting system. Be sure to apply only a small amount of grease to the fixture or connection, and wipe clean to remove excess grease.

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  11. VOLT® Tree Wire Management Kit
    VOLT® Tree Wire Management Kit

    This is the perfect kit for managing the wires in your landscape lighting design. With 10 stainless steel screws, nylon spacers and zip ties, this kit enables you to prevent your cable from being harmed by tree overgrowth while also protecting the tree itself from being damaged. The UV resistant black zip ties provide a sleek; hidden look to keep your install looking professional for many years to come. These zip ties also offer an eyelet for tree mounting, which makes them the perfect tool for this type of application and many others.

    Lifetime Warranty

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  12. VOLT® Black 8" Cable Ties w/ Screw Mount - 100 Pack
    VOLT® Black 8" Cable Ties w/ Screw Mount - 100 Pack

    Black UV resistant cable ties are easy to use and made for indoor or outdoor use. Self-locking, one-piece, low-profile ties that save space and keep wires organized and in place. Smooth rounded edges will not cut hands or insulation. Screw mount head for holding cable ties in place and out of sight. Pack quantity of 100.

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  13. VOLT® Replacement Wicks for Tiki Torch Light (2 Pack)
    VOLT® Replacement Wicks for Tiki Torch Light (2 Pack)

    Top-quality, round fiberglass replacement wick for our VOLT®2-in-1 Tiki-Brass Torch Light. Extra long-lasting and easy to replace. Keep your flame shining bright, by replacing your wicks.

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