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VOLT® Debris Cover for Ground Hog Well Light

  • Debris Cover
  • For use on 500-PVC (Ground Hog)
  • Reinforced PVC w/ Removable Louvers
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VOLT® Debris Cover for Ground Hog Well Light

Cover for Par36 Well Light (Ground Hog Product code 500-PVC). Louvered and has glass lens to keep debris and leaves out of well light. Can be used with or without louvers. Fits both sides of the Well light -- the flat and the angle cut side.


1. Do not use a debris cover with any lamps over 35 watts or it can cause dangerous overheating. Wattages above 35 watts in this fixture require the fixture to be open and well maintained to dissipate the heat.

2. When using a debris cover, the lamp should not be positioned too close to the plastic cover which can result in overheating and even melting of the cover. The lamp should be at least 2" below the top when a cover is used.

More Information
  • Lifetime
  • Diameter: 5 (7/8)" Inner Diameter: 4 (3/4)"