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VOLT® Solar Christmas Lights (72 Feet)

Solar Christmas lights that can be used all year long!

  • Solar powered 72-foot LED light strand (approximately 200 LEDs)
  • Warm white (resembling 2700K)
  • Detachable solar panel mounting stake
  • Rechargeable, replaceable AA batteries
  • Different modes available
  • USB cord for manual charging
  • One Year Warranty
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VOLT® Warm White Solar Powered Christmas Lights, 72 Feet (Approximately 200 LEDs)

Solar Christmas lights are perfect for lighting your outdoor spaces during the holidays or all year long. Use to decorate your patio, mailbox, greenery, fences, and when an electrical outlet is not available. The solar panel means installation is easy. You also have the option of charging the batteries with the USB cable (included). These LED lights produce a warm white color.

This package includes 72 feet of LED Christmas lights in warm white, 1 (4" x 4") solar panel, removable solar panel mounting stake, rechargeable AA batteries, USB charging cable, and one year warranty.

When charging via sunlight or USB, it is important that the ON/OFF button is in the "ON" mode. This can be tested by covering the solar panel to ensure that the lights are on. The USB charger is great when there isn't enough sunlight on a cloudy or overcast day.

Features & Benefits:

  • Solar powered Christmas lights - no electrical outlet needed
  • Warm white (resembling 2700K) for a soft glow
  • Detachable solar panel mounting stake included for easy installation anywhere
  • Rechargeable AA batteries that can be replaced in the future if needed
  • Different modes available
  • USB cord for manual charging
  • Water resistant
  • One year warranty

Unit must remain "on" in order to charge using the USB cable and the solar panel. Cold weather will affect battery discharge.

More Information
  • One Year Warranty