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VOLT® Hammer® 13" PVC Ground Stake

  • Made of heavy duty PVC
  • Screws on to any landscape light, outdoor light or low voltage fixture
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VOLT® The Hammer® 13" ground stake

A Landscape Lighting Innovation, Designed & Engineered Exclusively by VOLT®
Stakes are normally small (so that installers are able to push them into the ground), but as a result fixtures tilt and tip due to improper anchoring (especially in frost prone climates). With The Hammer® Stake we were able to make the stakes the proper size-- LARGE -- because even if we made them extra large, we know you can get them into the ground! It's not just faster and easier, but bigger and more secure!

VOLT® The Hammer® 13" ground stake Features & Benefits:

  • The BIGGEST IN THE INDUSTRY 13" TALL x 3" WIDE STAKE/SPIKE (above picture on right)
  • Volt Hammer® Stake "BIG 13 INCHES." It's not just 13" tall but it has extra wide fins. Perfect for tall path and area lights used in sandy soils. Hammer® stake into the ground BEFORE affixing the fixture.Then use slit in stake to insert wire and then affix fixture!
  • Note: It's so big that you should only use it in sandy soils. It will be too difficult to pound into harder soils.
  • Easier, fastest, most convenient method for installing fixtures and stakes!
  • VOLT® -- custom designed product is a huge hit.... THE HAMMER® STAKE!
  • The 10" Hammer® Stake is included free with all Volt fixtures. The 13" stake is an additional option for sandy soils.
  • Universal 1/2" NPSM threads fit onto any standard fixture.
  • Screws on to any landscape light, outdoor light, low voltage fixture.
  • Add the brass stake cover that fits over the stake for the ultimate premium look.
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  • PVC
  • Lifetime

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