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VOLT® Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer

Heavy-duty mechanical timer for automated control of your outdoor lighting system!

  • Fits directly into VOLT® Transformers
  • Used to set ON/OFF times.
  • In combination with Photocell, the Photocell turns the system ON at dusk while the timer turns the system OFF at the desired time
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VOLT® Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer

The Mechanical Timer is an essential energy-saving timer for your low voltage landscape lighting system. This heavy-duty unit plugs directly our VOLT® Multi-Tap Transformers and gives you ease of light system control. The timer has a three-wire grounded plug and outlet for safety, and features include a manual override and up to 3 On/Off settings per day. This durable unit will provide years of reliable, consistent control for the whole landscape lighting system.

When used in combination with a Photocell, the photocell turns the system ON at dusk, while the timer turns the system OFF at a designated time. (For this application, you set the ON time to sometime after dusk - so the Photocell has the responsibility to turn the system ON.)

Features & Benefits:

  • Automatically turns your low voltage lighting system ON and OFF
  • Manual override ON/OFF switch
  • Up to 3 ON/OFF settings
  • 3 wire grounded plug and receptacle
  • Fits directly into VOLT's® Multi-Tap Transformers
  • One year warranty
  • 15 Amps
  • 1875 Watts Tungsten
  • 125 Volts AC, 60Hz
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  • 1 Year