12V Path and Area Lights from VOLT®
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VOLT® Path and Area Lights receive great reviews from both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. These fixtures are durable, produce beautiful illumination and have the landscape lighting industry’s best warranties. On top of all that, you buy them at low factory-direct prices.

• Well Engineered and Constructed. In-house VOLT® fixture designers create path lights that are beautiful right out of the box and that maintain that beauty after years in the landscape. The lights are constructed of sturdy brass or aluminum and receive super durable coatings or finishes.

• Designed for Performance. Path lights have important functions – primarily safety, security and beauty. To fulfill these functions, the lights must deliver the right amount (and quality) of illumination. Our path lights are tested first in the VOLT® Innovation Lab to make sure they deliver light with the correct properties, then are tested in the field.

Finding the right path lights is easy - just browse through our path light categories and pick the ones that appeal to you most. If you get stuck, call our Customer Support Specialists at 813-978-3700 (M-F 8am-8pm; Sat-Sun 10am-6pm ET).


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Decorative Bollards - Taking Landscape Lighting to the Next Level

There are two ways to make landscape lighting beautiful. First, reveal beauty already present in the landscape. Second, create new beauty through the use of light and shadow. The second way is at the heart of the artistry of the lighting designer. But, even if you're not a lighting designer, there is one simple way to create beauty through light and shadow. That's through use of VOLT® Decorative Bollards.


How to Choose the Right Path and Area Lights

Path and area lights are a great way to add safety and beauty to your home's pathways, driveways, patios, and gardens. But there are so many types and styles from which to choose. Some types are best for illuminating paths, steps, and low foliage. While others are better for casting light across a wide area. Learn how to choose the right path and area lights for your project. A classic stem-and-hat style is one of the most versatile choices. Directional path lights with adjustable heads work great when a more focused beam is desired. In this video, we'll help you choose your path and area lights.