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VOLT® Line-Voltage Junction Hub (120V)

Helps simplify and protect wire connections for 120V and 12V landscape lighting applications - designed and engineered exclusively by VOLT®.

  • Rated for line-voltage (120V) and low-voltage (12V) applications
  • Interal clamp-type connectors - simple, fast, and secure - easy on the fingers
  • Wires can easily be connected or disconnected during installation
  • Can be used as a voltage testing point for easy troubleshooting
  • Lifetime Warranty
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VOLT® Line-Voltage Junction Hub (120V)

This stainless steel junction box is a UL Listed enclosure that houses electrical connections safe and secure from weather and pests. Multiple entrances allow for conduit to be connected and wire splices made within. Internal clamp-connectors make for simple, secure wire connections. Installation hardware included. Rated for both line voltage (120V) and low-voltage (12V), this particular junction hub can be used with all VOLT® fixtures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stainless steel housing for durability and corrosion-resistance.
  • Rail-mounted terminal blocks will not come loose.
  • No messy silicone or grease.
  • 3-prong clamp connectors allow for quick and easy wire connections.
  • Weather-resistant body provides extra protection for cable connections.
  • (3) water tight wire exits accept 1/2" conduit for added wire protection.
  • Installation hardware included (wrench and hex key).
  • Housing can be used as a direct mount for line-voltage (120V) outdoor landscape lights.
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Lifetime Warranty

To Hub or Not to Hub, That is the Question

For low-voltage applications, the hub method of wiring describes when several landscape lighting fixtures are connected to a single junction. A wire then connects the junction to the transformer to supply the power. A lighting system may use several hubs - all connected to a single transformer.

In the days when all lighting used incandescent or halogen bulbs, hubs were needed to ensure that every fixture received exactly the same voltage. Now, with LED systems, the acceptable voltage range is much wider (8V to 15V - for VOLT® systems - compared to the previous 10V to 12V). This means that hubs are no longer needed to equalize the voltage. But there are many other reasons why hubs are smart for all systems - even LEDs.

Why Use Junction Hubs?

  • Equalizes voltage among fixtures (not as important for LEDs)
  • No need to buy separate connectors - this junction hub has them built-in.
  • Connections are secure and dry above-ground for better long term reliability and convenient troubleshooting.
  • Dramatically speeds up installation time.
  • Typical buried wire connections are vulnerable to failure - this junction hub protects the connections and makes them easy to service.
  • With fewer splices there is less material cost and reduced labor - saves time and money.
  • Provides a place to test voltage for each fixture - great for troubleshooting.
  • Makes it easy to add or remove fixtures after installation.
More Information
  • Stainless Steel
  • 12AWG - 18AWG
  • 12VAC or 120VAC
  • AC15V 20A
  • UL & cUL Listed