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June 3, 2020 August 12th, 2020 No Comments

The VOLT® Top Dog Innovator just got a major upgrade. The engineers in the VOLT® lab decided to retrofit the same style path light stem with a solid brass All-Star™ Mini Spotlight. This latest innovation gave rise to the Mini All-Star™ Innovator Path & Area Light. Path and area lights are the most popular landscape lighting fixtures. More often than not, a homeowner comes across a situation where a traditional 360-degree light spread won’t work or results in light being cast in an unwanted area. This is where path lights with directional light outputs come in to play to offer a beautiful lighting solution.

Key Features

  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Antique brushed bronze or natural copper finish
  • (1) All-Star™ Mini Spotlight
  • Accepts LED or Halogen bulbs
  • Adjustable glare guard and knuckle
  • Lifetime Warranty


Driveways – For homeowners who desire illumination on their driveway but not in the surrounding yard, path lights with directional outputs are the ideal choice. By placing an Innovator or a few of them next to the driveway, homeowners can direct light solely on the driveway or, illuminate the driveway and a nearby landscape feature.

Pathways – Path lights with directional light outputs offer a unique lighting solution for virtually any pathway or walkway. A fixture such as the Mini All-Star™ Innovator allows a homeowner to focus all of the light output on the intended path for maximum brightness; ideal for safety/security-specific applications but, also adds ambient beauty.

Patios – Many homes today have gorgeous patios where homeowners enjoy to entertain guests. Unique patio features such as outdoor kitchens and bars, seating areas, and fire pits offer areas for relaxation. When the sun goes down, lighting is required to continue enjoying the patio comfortably. By placing directional path lights around the perimeter, a homeowner can direct light onto the surface of a patio and blanket areas with subtle illumination for increasing comfort and enhancing beauty.

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