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March 4, 2022 April 7th, 2023 No Comments

New RGBW LED Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

No matter the holiday or occasion, homeowners can illuminate their landscape in vibrant colors, thanks to the new series of RGBW LED outdoor lighting fixtures. The new series of RGBW LED outdoor light fixtures provides a wide range of colors to choose from when lighting your home regardless of the occasion or holiday!

RGBW refers to the four standard colors in the LED chips: red, green, blue, and white. Both RGB and RGBW LED lights mix red, green and blue to produce many different colors. However, the dedicated white chips in RGBW LED lights result in a more diverse color palette and can also enhance or raise the brightness of the other colors.

Most importantly, RGBW LED lights can be used as a stand-alone crisp white light. RGB lights must run all three colors at once to produce something that resembles a blurry or foggy white. This uses a lot of energy and does not result in a true white tone, which is why RGBW is better for outdoor lighting.

All RGBW LED outdoor lights are set at 100 percent light output with 2700K color temperature, which is the most commonly used in landscape lighting. Use the VOLT® RGBW Remote Control to unlock the color-changing capabilities and adjust your RGBW LED lights to your preferred color and intensity. The new VOLT® RGBW LED outdoor light fixtures are controlled by one remote, so no more assigning different remotes to each fixture.

The VOLT® RGBW G4 Infiniti™ 60 Integrated LED Brass Spotlight is the flagship product for the new series of RGBW LED outdoor lights. VOLT® currently makes a variety of 12V and 120V RGBW LED spotlights and flood lights for landscape lighting, and more fixtures are coming soon!

Key Features & Benefits

  • Color-changing integrated LED light source
  • True-to-color LEDs produce powerful, vibrant colors
  • Dimming in 10 percent intervals
  • Dedicated white LEDs produce true white light
  • 2700K warm white color temperature
  • Lifetime warranty on brass fixtures
RGBW Color Mockup

VOLT® is the industry leader in factory-direct landscape lighting. We provide exceptional customer support, free shipping from four fully-stocked warehouses across the U.S., and lifetime warranties on our wide selection of professional-grade brass and copper fixtures, low voltage transformers, and LED bulbs.

Check out our VOLT® Learning Center to find how-to videos and articles!

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