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June 3, 2020 August 10th, 2020 No Comments

The Gentle Splash LED Flood Light just got a major upgrade. Thanks to the fine work of the engineering team at VOLT®, the industry-recognized brass flood light just got much more powerful. In comparison to its predecessor, the new Integrated Big Splash Flood Light offers twice the illumination in the same compact design. Other than differences in the lumen output and power consumption, you can expect the same professional build quality with a design that only gets more beautiful with age.

Key Features

  • Solid cast brass construction for durability and longevity.
  • Antique brushed bronze finish ages beautifully to blend with landscapes.
  • Powerful, integrated Cree® LED rated for 60,000 hours.
  • Adjustable knuckle for precision aiming.
  • Interchange glass lenses included (frosted, diffusion, and clear).
  • Lifetime Warranty

Where To Use Flood Lights

House Sidings

-When the light will be projected through plant material (shadow effect). The resulting shadows provide enough light/dark contrast to evoke nighttime.

-When the light will be projected behind unlit plant material (silhouette effect). Again, the dark foreground speaks to the night.

-When the wall is highly textured, such as rough stone or brick. The textures result in dark shadows so the contrast is night-like.

Garden Beds

-Stake-mounted spotlights are not well suited to illuminate garden beds or low-lying plant material. Instead, use small floodlights to illuminate these plant regions. Position the lights so they do not put hot spots on individual plants.

Bushes and Small Trees

-Flood lights are ideal for these landscape features. The lights can be positioned fairly near the plant or tree base to provide an all-encompassing blanket of light.

Stands of Multiple Trees

-When you want to illuminate a stand of several trees or a line of trees, use a few powerful floodlights instead of many spotlights. This greatly reduces the number of fixtures needed. Note, this is a good technique for trees along the back or sides of a property; not good for trees in the midst of a yard – since these powerful floods may create a glare problem for residents and guests.


-Flood lights are good replacements for typical wall mounted security lights. The energy consumption will be much less, and you can select models with lower light levels. In addition to our 12v and 120V models, this category includes solar security lighting.

Commercial Use

-VOLT® produces flood lights in both low voltage (12V) and line voltage (120V). Both types are suitable for commercial applications such as illuminating signs, facades, and public use areas.

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