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Designed and engineered exclusively by VOLT®, the Pro Junction Hub is the easiest, quickest and most flexible way to connect multiple landscape lighting wires. This hub uses rail mounted clamp-type connectors for easy, secure use. Wires may be connected or disconnected after installation. This hub also allows for voltage testing after installation for easy troubleshooting. The hub accepts up to seven fixtures and one mainline from the transformer. This hub accepts up to 10 gauge wire.

Video Transcript:

Low voltage landscape lighting can last a lifetime – but only when the wiring and connections are good.

One of the best wiring techniques is called the “hub method.” It calls for running lighting fixture wires to a central place called a “hub.”

The VOLT® Pro Junction Hub is the easiest, quickest and most secure hub on the market.

It uses a robust system of rail-mounted clamps. Just bring the wires through the ports in the base, then insert each paired wire into two open clamps – one on each side of the center. Close the clamps and the connection is secure.

Repeat for all remaining wires. This is the only connector that lets you add or remove fixtures after installation.

It also gives you a place to check voltage at any time.

The VOLT® Pro Junction Hub – the easiest, quickest and most secure way to connect multiple landscape lighting wires.

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