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VOLT® Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformers for Landscape Lighting

All models feature weatherproof stainless steel cabinets, timer* and photocell receptacles, and magnetic secondary circuit breakers for each 300w common circuit.

VOLT® low voltage transformers feature toroidal cores*. These cores are the best in the market because they are more energy-efficient, quieter and cooler than EI laminated-types - features especially important for larger capacity transformers.

With our professional outdoor lighting low voltage transformers, installers are able to compensate for voltage drop by using higher voltage terminals to insure that all lights receive appropriate voltage.

Lifetime Warranty**. ETL Listed to UL standard.

Select among three series:

VOLT® Series Transformers feature voltage taps 12V, 13V, 14V, and 15V. The exception to this is the 75W model - with only 12V and 15V taps.

VOLT® PRO Series Transformers feature voltage taps from 12V through 22V.

NEW! VOLT® Clamp-Connect™ Series Transformers are specifically designed for LED systems and feature the exceptional clamp-type terminal blocks for fast and secure connections. These transformers are limited to 12V and 15V taps since LED systems accommodate a wide range of acceptable voltage.


* Note: The 75W model has an EI laminated-type core - this type core is suitable for low-wattage applications. All higher wattage applications mandate the use of toroidal cores. Also note, the 75W model is for outdoor use only. This model also features a built-in timer.

**Transformer housing and core are covered by a lifetime warranty. Electrical components are covered for 5 years.